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Electric Drums

Yamaha DTX522K
-20 %
Brand: Yamaha Model: DTX522K
Hubungi kami untuk mendapatkan harga terbaik. Utilizing the DTX-PAD snare for superior stick feel, you can play the head, open rimshot, and closed rimshot voices in each of the three zones for authentic snare expression. This model also features 3-zone operation for the ride, crash and hi-hat. Th..
Rp10,600,000 Rp8,480,000 Ex Tax:Rp8,480,000
Yamaha DTX542K
-20 %
Brand: Yamaha Model: DTX542K
Hubungi kami untuk harga terbaik. Because the DTX-PADs offer a playability that is close to acoustic drums playing the DTX542K is more comfortable, helping to improve your drumming the more you play, and the pads integrate naturally into a hybrid kit. The DTX502 module includes 691 drum, percussi..
Rp12,420,000 Rp9,936,000 Ex Tax:Rp9,936,000
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