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Brand: Drum Workshop (DW) Model: 5002AD4
We’ve reengineered the pedal that established our reputation for innovation and quality. Because innovation is part of our DNA we thought it was time for some major improvements. Most notably, the toe clamp. The 5000 needed more gripping strength, providing a stronger connection between the drummer ..
Rp5,020,000 Ex Tax:Rp5,020,000
Brand: Pearl Model: P-3002C
The P3002C Double Pedal combines all of the features of the Demon Drive Pedal with the feel and power of a chain drive. In 2009, Pearl established a new standard for bass drum pedals with the Demon Drive, the smoothest, fastest most versatile pedal in the world. Introducing the all new Demon Chai..
Rp6,048,000 Ex Tax:Rp6,048,000
Brand: Pearl Model: P-830
The P-830 is a single-chain drive pedal, equipped with a Demon Style long-footboard and infinitely adjustable beater angle allowing you to customize the pedal to your preferred feel and power. Pearl’s Perfect Circle Cam and DuoBeat Beater give the finishing touches to this light but sturdy pedal. ..
Rp730,000 Ex Tax:Rp730,000
Brand: Tama Model: HP900RSWN
Suitable for any music situation and style, Iron Cobra drum pedals were created based on three key principles: Smoothness, Stability, and Adjustability. Smooth action eliminates player stress and facilitates acceleration; stability assures consistent, reliable, pedal performance, and durability; and..
Rp5,710,000 Ex Tax:Rp5,710,000
Brand: Tama Model: HP910LS
Extreme Velocity. Serious Power. Over the years, one of the greatest challenges facing drum pedal manufacturers has been to provide a pedal that "does it all," or at the very least, focuses on the most critical features that drummers absolutely demand to enhance their performance...a difficult ta..
Rp2,120,000 Ex Tax:Rp2,120,000
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