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Pro Audio

Pro Audio
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The compact, lightweight ZLX-12P was designed to give you power and performance beyond the scope of ..
Rp14,848,000 Rp10,725,000 Ex Tax: Rp10,725,000
Extend your low-end with this portable powerhouse. Whether used on its own or with a sub, the ZLX-15..
Rp18,147,000 Rp13,100,000 Ex Tax: Rp13,100,000
The DBR10 is the most compact model in its series and in its class. Capable of delivering a maximum ..
Rp5,400,000 Rp4,320,000 Ex Tax: Rp4,320,000
The DBR12 represents a perfect balance of size and performance, with 1000W of power and outstanding ..
Rp6,800,000 Rp5,440,000 Ex Tax: Rp5,440,000
The DBR15 achieves best-in-class SPL of up to132dB and delivers the lowest frequency in its lineup. ..
Rp7,900,000 Rp6,320,000 Ex Tax: Rp6,320,000
The DSR118W is a compact and high power active subwoofer system that extends the bass of the DSR ful..
Rp12,700,000 Rp10,160,000 Ex Tax: Rp10,160,000
The DSR215 is a high-power, 2-way active loudspeaker system driven by a new 1300W Class-D amplifier ..
Rp15,900,000 Rp12,720,000 Ex Tax: Rp12,720,000
DZR10 adalah powered loudspeaker dua arah degan ampli ganda yang menawarkan kejernihan tinggi d..
Rp12,400,000 Rp14,000,000 Ex Tax: Rp14,000,000