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Charvel DX-1 ST, SW

Charvel DX-1 ST, SW
Charvel DX-1 ST, SW
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  • Model: DX1-ST
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Looking for a guitar with a metal personality? The Charvel Desolation Soloist DX-1 ST is definitely your guitar. Nothing says metal more than a pair of EMG pickups. A mahogany body and neck give you great sustain and a punchy tone. The compound-radius fretboard makes this guitar easy and comfortable to shred on - it's a favorite fretboard shape for the more aggressive guitarists at Sweetwater. With huge tones, epic sustain, and a metal-inspired look, the Charvel Desolation Soloist DX-1 ST is the guitar you have been looking for.

Price updated 19 March 2016

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