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Cort AD810E OP with Case

Cort AD810E OP with Case
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Cort AD810E OP with Case
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  • Model: AD810EOP
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- CONSTRUCTION : Dovetail Neck Joint

- BODY : Dreadnought

- TOP : Spruce Top

- BACK AND SIDES : Mahogany back and sides

- NECK : Mahogany C Shape

- BINDING : Black Line

- FREATBOARD : Rosewood

- SCALE : 15 5" (647 7mm)

- INLAY : white dot

- BRIDGE : Rosewood / Scooped

- TUNERS : Die-cast chrome

- ELECTRONICS : Cort CE304T Ceramic Pickup

- ROSETTE : Multiple B/W Printing

- BRACING " X-Bracing

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